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My name is Dane Caswell

I started Scotland Yards in 2009 because I find the creative process of using the principles of horticulture, design technology and good old fashion hands-on work to be fulfilling in life. 

Growing up as a kid, I lived in many places around the United States. From the rich farm fields of the midwest, to the mountain regions of the northeast. My love for a diverse outdoors and international travel were planted as I found my way to North Dakota State University for five years for both my Environmental Design and Landscape Architecture degrees.


I worked at a few firms, but found that company life could be limiting. I decided to go out on my own, creating an organized chaotic landscape design technique.

I currently run Scotland Yards, Inc. out of Chicago, where we operate year-round, designing and implementing during key peak months in spring, summer and fall.

I know the importance of not only the aesthetic look for your homes and businesses, but also the design elements needed for soil composite, hydrology, hardscape, horticulture and factors needed to choose the right plants for your climate, as well as your visions. 

Our Team.

Scotland Yards, Inc has a small, dedicated team who bring quality craftsmanship to all our designs.

scotland yards crew.heic
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