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I want you to play in your garden and outdoor living investments, not spend day after day working them. My design and plant choices are made to minimize the daily maintenance so that you can find more time to relish in the activities you want, surrounded by an environment that brings happiness.


From the smallest of lawn patches, to acres of landscapes, everyone deserves to have a place in your home, school or business that brings together natural elements and our existing world. My approach is an organized chaos, incorporating strict angles and lines, with a bit of soft messiness in the landscapes.

I find it important in my designs to incorporate native species and those plants that will succeed in the soil and sunlight in the given location. I select flora and greenery that provide the foliage and color to create an inviting space and that also will give back to the native animals and insects.

My designs and services equal the largest of companies, but as a small business owner, at a more reasonable price.

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